Thursday, August 03, 2006

'The Eye of Faith '

'The Eye of Faith' is a wonderful book about the history of Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative), by William P. Taber.

Since I consider myself a part of Ohio Conservative Friends (Stillwater Meeting at Barnesville, Ohio) since going to a Meeting of Scattered Conservative Friends this Summer (6th month of 2006), I thought that I would devote this blog to an understanding of Conservative Friends who are Christ Centered.

Now, I live in Northern Iowa, a long way from Eastern Ohio, and there are Conservative Friends here, but I will leave that for another blog, on another day.

There seems to be a very particular way of meeting for Ohio Conservative Friends that other Friends Meetings seem to have long since forgotten, and that is that Christ Jesus, the Risen Savior, is the is Center of 'Waiting Worship'.

This is not "talked about" alot (I seem to keep hearing this term from other Friends), but everyone in the Meeting that I attended knew exactly Who we were Worshipping.

Prayer, done while kneeling, is also a part of Ohio Conservative Friends Meetings as well.

I have never heard a prayer uttered in a Liberal Friends Meeting, ever.

I might add that I have ties with the New Foundation Fellowship, another Christian Quaker group, that I might call 'a reform movement' within the greater Friends movement both here in the U.S., and also in Britian.

I've been writing on other Quaker blogs for awhile now, and tonight I decided to start my own.

I hope to attract other Friends looking for an 'Opening' with the Savior, Christ Jesus.

The 'Christian Quaker' movement is pretty small in the U.S., so how many people that I'll get looking for Christ within the Friends movement..................well, your guess is probably better than mine.

It's funny really, I'm probably more 'Liberal' than some other Christ Centered Friends, but I know that I don't fit into a Liberal Friends Meeting either.

I've studied the early historical Friends for some time now, and I see that they were Christ Centered to the core, and I wonder...........just HOW did Jesus get 'removed' from so many modern Quaker Meetings?

I realize that this post is short, but this is my heart, and I wanted to share it here on the net, perhaps with others, who have a heart that's directed in a similar way to mine.

If YOU feel led to reply to this blog, please feel free, I'll try to respond to all, as time perhaps, and as way opens.

In Christ's Light, Albion